Poll: Who Is The Most Popular Texan Of All Time?


The Houston Texans became an NFL team in 2002 after the city lost their original franchise, the Houston Oilers, to Tennessee in 1997. The team has worked hard to become a competitive franchise and has been able to put together a string of competitive seasons starting in 2007, with the exception of 2010 (6-10) and 2013 (2-14). No other record during that span was less than an eight win season.

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After only one year at the helm head coach Bill O’Brien turned the 2013 disaster around and had the team at 9-7. Although they missed the playoffs, they showed a lot of promise and have a great foundation to build on.

That foundation includes a changing of the guard in terms to the players on the roster. No longer on the team is the quarterback who has the record for most passing yards, Matt Schaub. Also gone is the leader in receptions for the franchise, receiver Andre Johnson.

The team does still have their all-time rushing leader in running back Arian Foster and all-time sack leader, defensive end J.J. Watt. Although Watt doesn’t really fit into the same category as all the others mentioned as he is still very young at just 26 years of age.

With such a young franchise having a small amount of star players to date, it brings up the question as to who is the most popular player of all-time for the Houston Texans. Is it the passing leader Schaub who had three seasons of over 4,000 yards in his tenure before the wheels fell off in 2013?

Or perhaps it is still Johnson, the receiver picked third overall in 2003 and has been with the team every season except the inaugural 2002 year. Johnson was considered one of the best in the game during his prime and hit over 100 receptions five times in his illustrious career. While Johnson was cut and has joined rival Indianapolis, he was still productive the last time he put on a Houston uniform.

Perhaps the most popular player is still on the team. Is it Arian Foster, the undrafted Tennessee Volunteer who came out of nowhere to rush for 1,616 yards and 16 touchdowns in his second season. Foster is still a beast as he plowed his way through defenders to the tune of 1,246 yards and eight touchdowns last season.

Although it could be another current player who is on the opposite side of the ball. 2011 first round pick J.J. Watt has been nothing short of amazing in his young career. He has posted 20.5 sacks twice in his career, in 2012 and 2014. Watt is also very charismatic and has started to make a name for himself through his endorsements.

So, let’s hear from the Toro Times readers. Who is it that the fans feel is the most popular player of all-time for the young Texans franchise. Answer the poll below and feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

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