Houston Texans Seven Round Mock Draft; Post Free Agency

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With the 82nd pick in the third round (#18) of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select;

NICK O'LEARY. #3. Nick O’Leary is a throwback kind of player who happens to play tight end, one of the biggest positions of need for the Texans. The knocks on him are that his 6’3″ 250 pound body is shorter than most tight ends making him “stumpy.” He doesn’t have ideal athleticism, but played in a pro-style offense and did what the Texans love their tight ends to do, caught touchdowns. He caught 17 in his career with six coming in his senior season and seven the year before. He showed great versatility by lining up in the backfield, inline and in the slot. He is great at knowing where to be to beat zones which could prove to be valuable from the day he arrives. The grandson of golfing great Jack Nicklaus also showed how tough he is by <a href=. TE. Florida State Seminoles

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