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Is Ahmad Bradshaw Worth The Hassle?


Running back Ahmad Bradshaw is – somewhat surprisingly – still on the free agent market. The Houston Texans depth in the running back area is lacking. Bradshaw could potentially help boost up the running backs, and contribute some major yardage. Unfortunately there’s some baggage that comes with him.

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Arian Foster and Alfred Blue are likely to carry most of the teams yardage with how the current depth chart is lined up. Looking at how Blue is only going into his second season and coming off a modest 500 yard season, shows just how lacking the running back slots really are. Some do say that Blue just needs to get more carries to show what he’s got, but that should not stop the team from exploring other options.

Head coach Bill O’Brien has said that the Texans could look to the draft to fill their running back needs. Speaking to HoustonTexans.com, he said:

"“When you look at our needs in the draft, I would say running back is a position that we could look at… I’m not going to tell you exactly what type of running back we’re looking for, but that’s something that we could probably add to our team in some shape or form that would help our team if the right guy’s out there.” – Bill O’Brien"

Getting a running back in the draft is an option every year, but there’s always the uncertainty bringing in college players. How will they adjust to the NFL? Will they be able to put up numbers that are as good as they did in college? There’s a lot of questions attached to those players, and they can often be labeled as “gambles.”

With most free agents, you know pretty much exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Teams have scouted these players work in the NFL previously, and know how well they can perform in real game situations.

Bradshaw, however, could be just as much of a gamble, if not more, than any college running back available to the Texans in the draft.

"“Bradshaw hasn’t drawn any free agent interest coming off an injury-shortened 2014. He’s also dealt with off-field issues since the season ended, and could struggle for guaranteed money.” – RotoWorld.com report on Bradshaw as a free agent"

We have seen Bradshaw put up some great numbers. Although, as Roto World touches on, his injury last year really hurt him. His numbers were worse than Blue’s putting up just 425 rushing yards last year.

Bradshaw also brings some recent baggage with him. He recently was charged with following a vehicle too closely, but in the process of being pulled over, marijuana was found on his person. Some see this as a minor incident, but do the Texans really want to knowingly bring in that type of negativity to their organization? Probably not.

We have seen him put up over 1,000 yards in given seasons, but it’s tough to say if he could do that again. The last time he broke 500 rushing yards was 2012. As he’s entering his 9th season, it seems to be that his great years are behind him.

The way I see it is that Bradshaw would be a huge gamble for the Texans. Although they could probably get him for cheap, they may be better off going after a rookie, who could possibly put up better numbers for the same, or cheaper price.

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