Poll: Is A Quiet First Day A Good Thing For The Houston Texans?


Often times the teams that make the big splash on day-one of free agency have to do so with an enormous contract for the player they bring in. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was the biggest name in free agency, and he got a six-year $114 million deal from the Miami Dolphins.

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Tight end Julius Thomas was another big name and he also received a large deal. His deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars will earn him around $9 million a year.

Both of these players are good, but it is highly doubtful their arrival will put either team over the hump. Both teams had needs all over the field, and could have seen that money spread around to be more helpful.

The Houston Texans though, did not get involved in the high bidding on Monday. Their biggest moves were releasing receiver Andre Johnson, brining in quarterback Brian Hoyer and re-signing quarterback Ryan Mallett.

For a team that doesn’t have a ton of cap space, this was perhaps the smartest way to do things. But, I don’t want my opinion, I want to know how you, the Texans faithful feel about the first day of open season in the NFL.

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