Houston Texans: Who Will Start At Quarterback?


In an article I wrote for Toro Times on Tuesday, I questioned whether signing both quarterbacks Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer as potential starters was a good idea? Today, I’d like to know which player Texans’ fans believe will be Houston’s starter come September.

First, let’s look at the pros and cons for each starting quarterback candidate.

Ryan Mallett, Quarterback

  • Pro: His age. Mallett is the younger of the two quarterbacks at only 26. His ceiling is higher.
  • Con: Inexperience. Mallett hasn’t played much meaningful football as a professional, recording a total of 79 pass attempts in his four-year career.
  • Pro: His measurables. At 6-6, 245 pounds, Mallett has the prototypical quarterback frame and arm.
  • Con: His immobility. Don’t expect him to make many plays with his legs.
  • Pro: His knowledge. Mallett spent last season under head coach Bill O’Brien in Houston.

Brian Hoyer, Quarterback

  • Pro: His experience. Hoyer has had a bit more success in the NFL than Mallett. He’s been in the NFL for six years, but 2014 was the first year he actually played in more than six games in a season.
  • Con: His age. At 29, you’d expect Hoyer to be more seasoned than he actually is.
  • Pro: Leadership. Hoyer will bring veteran leadership and solid decision-making to Houston’s offense. Zero off-the-field issues. His teammates and coaches seem to love him.
  • Con: Pressure. Hoyer seemed to crack under the pressure last season in Cleveland. But losing talent around you like center Alex Mack and tight end Jordan Cameron ti injury didn’t help his case with the Browns.
  • Pro: Knowledge. Both players have played under O’Brien while in New England. But Hoyer spent three years with him as opposed to Mallett’s one.
  • Con: Arm Strength. Hoyer has questionable arm strength, which doesn’t bode well when he tries to squeeze the ball into tight windows.

So, who do you think will start at quarterback for the Houston Texans in 2015?

Submit your answer in the poll below and feel free to explain your choice in our comment section.

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