Should Ryan Fitzpatrick Be The Houston Texans Starting Quarterback?


The Houston Texans had a nine win season in 2014. Out of those victories, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was the starter in six of those games.

Now, it appears most fans are ready to move past the 10-year veteran in 2015. But should they be?

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The former Buffalo Bills starter recorded 2,483 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and 8 interceptions last season in Houston.  In 12 games with the Texans, Fitzpatrick recorded career highs in quarterback rating (95.3) and completion percentage (63.1).

Still, the long time veteran was replaced during the Texans’ Week 10 bye with former New England Patriots perennial back-up Ryan Mallett. Fitzpatrick regained his starting role in Week 13 following Mallett’s season-ending pectoral injury.

Upon his return, Fitz lit up the Tennessee Titans to the tune of 358 passing yards and six touchdowns. That game proved he could still get the job done..and with the weapons currently on Houstons’ roster. Then again, that was against the lowly Titans.

But his comeback was short-lived as Fitz himself finished last season on injured reserved after fracturing his tibia in the second quarter of a Week 15 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.

With Mallett currently a free agent, and the Texans’ drafting 16th overall (essentially out of the top-tier quarterback race), it seems more likely that Fitzpatrick will be the likely starter once again in 2015. But should he be?

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