Should The Houston Texans Re-Sign Ryan Mallett?


After being traded to the Houston Texans in late August of last year, quarterback Ryan Mallett appeared in only three games for the Texans before suffering a season-ending pectoral injury.

Still, Mallett did manage to record 400 passing yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in that span. Unfortunately, the 26-year old had a completion percentage of just 54.7%.

Despite his limited play, the now fifth-year quarterback appears to be the overall favorite to take the Texans’ starting job when the 2015 regular season begins.

There’s only one problem. Mallett is currently a free agent.

With free agency, the NFL Draft and trade rumors stirring; Houston certainly has a lot of options when it comes to finding themselves a franchise quarterback outside of Mallett.

But as a fan, do you think the Texans should re-sign Ryan Mallett?

Do you see enough from the unproven, young quarterback to justify paying him to stay in Houston? Or do you think the Texans should simply move on?

Submit your answer in the poll below and feel free to explain your answer in our comment section.

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