Houston Texans: Draft For Need or Best Player Available?


With the NFL Draft just a couple months away, teams like the Houston Texans will be facing a very similar question soon: When it comes to draft philosophy, should we draft for need or simply take the best available player regardless of position?

It’s an argument every NFL draft war room has when their on the clock. Selecting the most talented players could land you an all-star team. But it could also create a log-jam on your roster at the same position.

On the otherhand, choosing players simply to fill positional needs takes care of the voids on your roster. But it also means your team could miss out on a few great players who are more talented than the one’s you currently have on your depth chart.

Obviously, the answer is somewhere in between, depending upon which players are available when your team’s number is called.

But if you had to choose one draft philosophy to follow more than the other, which would it be? Would you want the Texans to draft based on need…or should they simply select the best player available?

Submit your answer in the poll below and feel free to explain your answer in our comment section.

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