Houston Texans First Draft Pick: Offense or Defense?


After a great comeback season, the Houston Texans have the 16th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. In this very same spot last year, the only rookie elected to the NFL’s All-Pro first team, Notre Dame offensive guard Zack Martin, was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

If the Texans can have similar success, they should help insure their return to the postseason in 2015. But looking at Houston’s current roster, which direction do you feel the franchise should lean towards with their first round pick?

If the Texans look offensive, they could certainly upgrade with a great player at quarterback, running back, wide recevier or along their offensive line.

Defensively, Houston could use their top pick to help sure-up their linebacker corps or their defensive secondary.

With so many areas to address, the Texans could simply draft the best available player and look to fill their other voids in later rounds. But if they did have to pick on side of the ball to address, which would it be: offensive or defensive?

Submit your answer in the poll below and feel free to explain your answer in our comment section.

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