J.J. Watt named AFC Defensive Player of the Year by NFL 101


Houston Texans defense end J.J. Watt received another award as he was named AFC Defensive Player of the Year by the NFL 101 folks in Kansas City. This isn’t his first time being honored by them as he won in 2012 as well.

The award is just another in a long line of hardware being handed to a man that exemplifies what the NFL is all about. We hear about the “good old days” and what the legends of various sports were like to watch as they performed their magic.

Their legends grow and are seen more then they were years later. Folks were watching a living legend as the story unfolds.

Saturday night before the big game, the NFL will hand out the end of year awards. Watt is pretty much a shoe in as Defensive Player of the Year, with most folks seeing Aaron Rodgers taking home the MVP award.

Had the Texans just pulled off one more victory that conversation would be a lot more interesting. However, it’s not the award Watt cares about. Winning the Super Bowl, for Houston is.

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In other Texans news, left tackle Duane Brown has been called up to the Pro-Bowl. He was the number one alternate.

Philadelphia Eagles tackle Jason Peters had to bow out. With Brown up, the real question and intrigue is will he and Watt be on the same side or opposite sides?

Obviously that’s a match up whoever doesn’t get Watt will want to have. As Brown is probably the most knowledgeable lineman to contend against J.J. on the roster.

Finally to wrap this up, former Texans head coach, recently the Ravens offensive coordinator, one time back up and roommate of John Elway, has returned to his roots and will be the new head coach for the Denver Broncos. This move isn’t a big surprise as the ties Kubiak has to Denver.

It’s a good move for the Broncos. Assuming Manning returns for one more run it could be the edge they need and if not Kubiak has a good foundation to build from.

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