5 Bold Predictions: Texans at Steelers


Oct 5, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) throws prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With week 7 of the NFL about to kick off tonight as Jets and Patriots clash it’s time to get out our Five Bold Predictions and get those rolling again! This week your Texans travel to the home of the Steelers for another spotlight game. As we know, last week too many people tuned out by the end of the first quarter only to find out they missed an exciting game that ended as it started.

1.  The 21st ranked quarterback will lose to the 30th ranked quarterback

That’s right folks, Big Ben is going to to lose out to the Bearded Wonder. The Texans have had 11 days to correct the biggest flaw of the season, not getting a score or even a first down to start the game off. Look for the the Texans to finally figure out their rhythm and the offense click under the high pressure of national TV.

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2.  C.J. Fiedorowicz will get more then one reception.

With a tight end guru for a head coach, and 6 games under his belt it kinda pains me to say this is a bold prediction. However we got to this point, the flood gates holding back all the tight ends will be released and the Steelers defense will be the first to fall to the Texans tight end attack. Garrett Graham will get the most receptions, but C.J. will get on the board with 3 catches including his first touchdown.

3.  Arian Foster is going to have a 100 yard night.

Pittsburgh is giving up over 111 yards per game on the ground. Between Arian Foster and Alfred Blue the Texans will run for 175 yards on the ground, including 12 by Fitzpatrick whose beard will become entangled with Polamalu’s massive hair and both will be ejected. Not the players, just their hair.

4.  Big Ben and Mega Watt collisions will register on the Richter scale.

I don’t think there is a bigger quarterback in the NFL that the Texans will face then Big Ben. Clowney I think is going to get some reps in, and that will flush Roethlisberger right into Watt. It may take a day or two for scientist to pin point the source of mysterious earthquakes in Pittsburgh, but they’ll figure it out eventually.

5.  Texans win, 31-24

It’s going to be an exciting night as the Texans take out two close games of frustration on the Steelers who themselves were recently stymied by the Cleveland Browns. Expect some big passes from Ben, but only a few make it over the secondary as Romeo Crennel will finally have gotten the kinks worked out of the secondary and they communicate well in defending deep passes.

As with any predictions, the Torotimes is not liable for any monetary losses incurred by taking these as factual predictions from our Gray’s Sports Almanac. That one expired in 2000. Keep your browsers here to the Torotimes for all your Texans news and insight!

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