It’s time for the Texans to start using their Tight Ends.


Oct 9, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz (87) makes a reception during the second quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

How can the Texans get the jump on offense in the first quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night? That’s the million dollar question, and no the answer is not to put J.J. Watt in as QB however amusing that sight would be. While Arian Foster is going to be the linchpin of all this the answer is Garrett Graham, C.J. Fiedorowicz and Ryan Griffin. The Texans have neglected to include the tight end as a weapon so far this year.  It’s time for the Texans to start using their Tight Ends.  Use them to force the defense to back off from stopping the run, in the red zone and even see if you can’t get one up the seam for a big gain.

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The Steelers are well coached by Mike Tomlin. You know his defense has watched every snap the Texans have taken this season, looking for trends, mismatches and areas of opportunity. Using the tight ends, there just isn’t much tape out there. 13 receptions over 6 games for a measly 119 yards. As for red zone uses, the only “tight end” to score a touch down is J.J. Watt. That has to change. If the Texans come out firing to the TE that’s going to cause the Steelers defense to rock back on their heels.  The game plan, should be to catch the Steelers flatfooted, get the offense flowing and watch good things happen.  The Texans have the players to make this happen, that they have not is astonishing. Despite the constant “I love tight ends” from Bill O’Brien the Texans just haven’t used them. I don’t know if this is intentionally or because the trust factor between Fitzpatrick and the TE is lacking, whatever the case maybe, the Texans need to rethink their approach. O’Brien was a TE Guru at Penn State, it’s time for him to unleash C.J. Fiedorwicz and company on the Steelers defense.

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