Texans suffer another tragic defeat. Colts 33 Texans 28

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Oct 9, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (99) reacts after the game against the Indianapolis Colts at NRG Stadium. The Colts beat the Texans 33-28. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Where to begin? A game that started so bad, ended so tragically that one wonders how a team recovers from the emotional and physical roller coaster that ensued inside NRG stadium. Down big, huge near come back, more Mega Watt play that leaves lesser men in awe followed by an uncharacteristic fumble by Andre Johnson and a Fitztragic end to the night on a dumb fumble. Sigh.

The first quarter:

It was all about Luck to TY Hilton. In a span of 15 minutes of game time, the Colts managed to rack up 21 points. The Texans got the ball first and managed a sum total of 5 yards before being forced to punt it away. It took the colts less then three minutes to score on a field goal. They followed this up with a kicker recovered on side kick. That, was painful. 33 seconds later the score was 10-0 Indianapolis. The Texans go the ball, the Texans got 2 yards, the Texans punted. This will be a theme for the first quarter.

The second quarter:

Indy get’s the ball back, and promptly picks apart the defense. Aside a sack by #99, the game was now 17-0. You might think that after all the talk this week the offense would kick it into gear. They will, just not in the first quarter. On their third possession the Texans managed -5 yards of offense and another punt. This time the Colts would get the ball and slow down, another 5 minutes would pass till Luck connected with Colby Fleener for a touchdown. End of the Quarter? 24-0 Colts.

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At this point, one would think it was a waste of time to watch. But look out, the second quarter kicks of with some goodness. The Texans engineer a 13 play, 5 minute drive to put them on the board. Indy get’s the ball back and the Texans unsung here, J.J. Watts mini-me Jared Crick does a perfect SWATT impression to tip a Luck pass and into the waiting arms of Justin Tuggle. Texans ball! The Texans take a 1 minute possession to score again. Suddenly it’s 24-14. NRG is on fire, the noise in that building was shaking the TV cameras. Indy get’s the ball back and manages a long 7 minute drive to walk away with a field goal, it’s now 27-14. The Texans make a go of it, but alas the quarter ends with an empty possession.