The Texans lose a heartbreaker to Dallas.


Oct 5, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) is hit after he throws the ball by Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Rolando McClain (55) in the first quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

An exciting game goes down to the wire as the Texans lose in overtime to the Cowboys in Dallas 17-20. There was a lot to like about this game as the Texans held DeMarco Murray to a mere 136 yards on 31 carries. In the end, the Cowboys beat the Texans in the air with long bombs when they needed it most including a circus catch over the head of Jonathon Joesph to put the Cowboys in range for the game winning touchdown.  The Texans lose a heartbreaker to Dallas.

As a Texans fan, it was a painfully tense game to watch as the Texans offense sputtered more then moved smoothly. The last minute drive to tie the game was the best the Texans have looked all year. In fact it was too efficient as the Cowboys almost won it with a field goal that thankfully sliced left however it didn’t matter. On the Texans one drive in overtime, Arian Foster was torching the Dallas defense for run after run then inexplicably Bill O’Brien decided to go for the pass on 3rd and 2. Of all the plays of the game, this one boggles the mind the most. Fitzpatrick had not been efficient or effect through the air most of the game, and the Cowboys needed just a field goal to win if you punt and he decides to forgo the working run for a risky pass. That sort of play is maddening for everyone, well except for Cowboy fans.

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Fitzpatrick, he has heart, he has drive, he’s a competitor and sports a massive power beard. He’s also what he is, and this offense is not clicking with him at the helm. Obviously the short turn to Indy on Thursday means another outing against a team that puts up big numbers. The Texans need that 11 day break after to really asses if what they are doing offensively is the right path. The Cowboys have been weak defending tight ends… There were a total of 2 pass for 11 yards to tight ends today. This is not smart game planning, not smart play and the offense is barely functional. The Texans have the people to win, they need a quarterback who is consistent.

I don’t know if Savage or Mallett are the able to be that guy, but I do know that Fitzpatrick is not. A paltry 16 for 25 and 154 yards with one INT and no TD. That’s the stat line from today. Against the Bills it was 25/37 for 268 with 2 INT and a TD. Take it back to the start of the season Fitzpatrick has 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He’s 73 for 112 and a total of 902 yards. I like the mans drive, I think he’s a good guy, but he’s not THE guy. It’s time to shelve the beard and see if Mallett is worth the time or effort.

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