Case Keenum get’s first string reps, Fitzpatrick to get all during game two.


Jul 26, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Case Keenum (7) throws a pass during training camp at Houston Methodist Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In practice today, Case Keenum got a series with the first time offense. This produced a dropped catch, a bad pass and a touchdown. Don’t get excited. When asked if Keenum would be seeing anytime with the first sting offense against Atlanta on Saturday O’Brien answered “No.” Well, here’s hoping that Fitzpartick lights it and redeems himself for last week. He’s getting all the reps in game two of the preseason and so he needs to quiet the critics and win over the fans. He appears to have won over the head coach already.

There was of course, other action aside the minor position of quarterback. J.J. Watt schooled the Atlanta offense on how to block a monster. I bet our guys were happy someone else was playing bang heads with Watt for a few days. It’s good, it let’s Watt practice technique against someone different. Things that make him better, competition. Always a good thing.

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Also, the offensive line was out in full Texans for DQ shirts. No not the restaurant, in honor of David Quessenberry who is battling Lymphoma. The team, lead by center Chris Meyers is trying to raise $100,000 to help with Lymphoma Research. These shirts for those of you interested are available at It’s a good cause and I figure will be a highly seen apparel on game days in NRG Stadium.

The Texans did have some action in the waivers, releasing three running backs and picking up two. Andre Brown, Tim Cornett and Dennis Johnson all were released while journeyman Ronnie Brown along with William Powell were signed. I’m not sure what to make of this. With Kubiak gone, the “whose the Ben Tate” of this season doesn’t make much sense. Who will be there if Foster needs a rest or worst case is unable to finish the season. That makes sense. These signings do not really make that much sense. However, we’ll wait and see.

Finally the thing that was most cheered by all, the return to the field of the general. Brian Cushing. I know he’s taken a bad rap for getting injured these last two season, but let’s be honest here. One was a dirty roll the other a vicious leg spear. Neither were his fault, and in the grand scheme of things, I believe Cushing will survive this season whole and remind us all again why he’s so vital to this team.

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*Quotes provided courtesy of the Houston Texans PR Department