Texans face harsh reality in the Arizona desert.


Aug 9, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Brittan Golden (10) stiff arms Houston Texans defensive back Andre Hal in the first half during a preseason game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

All right, Texans fans, you’ve had the day to digest the disaster in the desert. Now, we need to accept reality. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be starting preseason game two. I know, makes one cry inside a little, but that is what it is. Bill O’Brien got shellacked in his preseason debut, and how he reacts moving forward will be everything we need to know about how this season is likely to roll out. Because another 2-14 or so season, you can kiss JJ Watt goodbye, no matter how much money you throw his way. He wants to play for a winning team, not a hot mess. Last night raised all the worst fears.

How can the Texans correct things? Well, having all the starters healthy and on the field would be nice. Cushing is down still, he has to be 100%, no sense risking him. But Foster, Johnson, Joseph need to be out there next week. Crennels going to have to make some hard calls, and that starts with releasing Brandon Harris. He just cannot play. He was bad last year, he was bad last night. Bench him or send him to the waiver wires. The backfield needs to tighten up, hard. I get why it was so bad, communication. If you watch the blown coverages, it was guy A thinking guy B had his back while guy B thought guy A was on top of things. It’s a different kinda coverage Crennel is going for. But they need to figure that out. FAST.

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As for the offensive side of the ball? You bring in a perennial “almost good enough” quarterback and think he’s going to this time, this year be different. Sounds like those bad romance novels, the heroine thinks if she can just get the town bad boy to love her she can make him a perfect man. This ain’t a novel, and Fitz is a tiger that ain’t gonna change his stripes. Good play, good play, oops! That’s why he’s not the Bills starter, he’s not the Titans starter… yet it’s why he’s ours. Is it bad I laughed at every interception by the man? It was like watching a car wreck in a Youtube fail video. You knew it was coming, just a matter of when.

The penalties though, that’s the real scary thing. You want to worry about the 2014 season? Forget the fact we have Pickpatrick, forget the backfield could make Blaine Gabbert look like a professional football player. Worry about those flags. There were too many of them, that shows a serious lack of discipline on the team. Flags happen, when they rain, it’s because you’re doing it wrong. No team can win when they march backwards on offense or give up free first downs due to mental mistakes constantly.

That’s today’s dark thought, angry fan post. Let’s give the Texans a week to make strides, cause NRG is home, and an embarrassment like that at home will be very very bad.

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