Texans Coach Bill O’Brien unaware Clowney to start.


He’ll start? Really?” – Coach Bill O’Brien when asked about Clowney saying he’s going to start. Oops. Don’t know if that was some O’Brien humor or Clowney is gonna do some extra laps next practice… either way it cracked me up.  Earlier in the media day, Clowney was asked about the upcoming preseason match up with the Cardinals and said “Yeah.” on if he’ll be starting.  In other news, the answer to if Arian Foster or Andre Johnson will play was “No. Nope” – O’Brien. Strait and to the point, gotta love it. O’Brien was also asked, after practice if the Texans were going to use the trays or artificial turf this season. The trays will be back for 2014. Today was the last practice for the Texans prior to heading out tomorrow to Arizona. Some big names aren’t going to be on the field, Foster, Johnson, Joseph, Cushing. No reason to panic yet, that list of names has some serious experience on it, and they don’t need to play in game one of preseason. Worry if that list is the same come week three, or worse the Redskins game.

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That doesn’t mean that Saturday won’t be exciting. We’ve got a wide stable of running backs and wide receivers looking to shine and this will be a big chance for them to get some serious playing time. Guy like EZ Nwachukwu realize how important the day will be. When asked on how important this opportunity is his answer should be on a poster in the locker room: ““I think it’s a pretty good opportunity for all of us, just to show what we got, show our talents out there, and to keep striving to be a better team, that’s the objective.”

He’ll start? Really?” – Coach Bill O’Brien

One thing to consider is, Saturday could be the only moment some of the guys will have get in the NFL. Kind of soul crushing when you think about it. This is it, shine or fade. Hope you got a degree in something marketable. That close to reaching your dreams only to come up short, rough. So when the game is in the second half, and a bunch of guys you’ve not heard of are out there, realize it’s possible that maybe the one and only time they get to play in an NFL type game. Makes it more interesting to me. These aren’t millionaires playing for fun, these are kids right out of college shooting for the stars, and only 53 get to make it there. 

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*Quotes provided courtesy of the Houston Texans PR Department.