My fantasy football draft strategy


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Fantasy football draft day will soon be upon us, and it will be time to meet up with our friends, drink a few beers and select the players that will be making up our fantasy rosters.

There’s a lot of of draft strategies for an owner to use. There is one that requires loading up on running backs early, while others draft quarterbacks late and other even streaming tight-ends, quarterbacks and defenses.

My draft strategy is very simple …  I simply print out the most resent ADP from and I scratch off all the players that I hate.

If I don’t want a particular player on my team I don’t want to trick my self into taking them just because they fell in the draft. I’m not going to pay for moldy bread just because it is 10 cents on the dollar, because that’s a horrible deal no matter how much you mark it down.

The philosophy goes the same with players you hate. I hate Atlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson in fantasy football because he’s old, he’s already hurt and he’s a major risk no matter how far he falls in the draft.

He will not be on my team.

After I mark off all the players I hate, I put a star by all the players I am dying to have on my team.

This helps during the draft because I have my targets noted a long with their market value. The players that aren’t marked off or targeted are my “MEH” players.

That list means I can live with them on my team, but I’m not super excited to draft them. During the draft I play cost benefit analysis between my targeted players and the “MEH” players. I don’t want to reach on a target player when I can receive them five rounds later.

All through out the draft I am trying to get my guys. I don’t want guys on my team that I don’t want. Just because I got a good deal on a player doesn’t mean it was the best choice for my team.

Plus, there’s no point in rolling out players in your starting line up if you don’t like them. The game is a lot more fun if you are playing with guys you like to watch and are confident in.

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This draft strategy is very simple an is great for a beginner or an owner who doesn’t have the time to study up on players.

It’s easy to mess up if you get excited and reach on your targeted players. I am guilty of this … I will fall in love with a player and I get compulsive and antsy and draft them a few rounds to early.

I’m more apt to do this during live, in-person drafts. So, keep focused an be patient when drafting and this won’t happen to you.

What type of draft strategy do you have?