Fantasy Football: Saints rookie Brandin Cooks could be an ‘impact player’


Jul 28, 2014; White Sulpher Springs, WV, USA; New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks (10) gets past a defender during training camp at The Greenbrier. Mandatory Credit: Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

One player who I believe will have a big role in fantasy football this season will be New Orleans Saints rookie wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

Cooks is “stalky,” as he is 5-10, but he’s not as small as what everyone says he is.

The rookie wide out isn’t going to have problems getting jammed at the line of scrimmage, and with 16 reps on the bench press, that is proof that he has strength.

Cooks may be 5-10 and 189 pounds, but he’s not a “scrawny-like” Tavon Austin, who plays for the St. Louis Rams. A lot of people loved Austin last year, but I believe Cooks is more athletic than Austin.

Cooks’ height and weight doesn’t make him a liability for injuries, because he is stalky like a Wes Welker of the Denver Broncos and he’s proven to be valuable in fantasy football throughout the years.

One plus for Cooks is he has the hands of a wide receiver that has the height of 6-1, 6-2, as his hands measure in  at 9.5 inches. With hands that size, I can’t see him with many drops. Also, big strong hands will help him at the line of scrimmage fighting off the jam, and in a passing-first offense like the Saints that will be a huge advantage.

Cooks is a jitter bug, with very good speed. He has a 4.33 40-yard dash time with great short area quickness. His ADP is between No. 31-48, with a consensus of No. 41.

Not only is Cooks, who played collegiate ball at Oregon State, bigger and stronger, but he has great ball skills. He has the ability to make a play on the ball while it is at its highest point. A plus for Cooks is he will use his 36-inch vertical to out jump taller defensive backs in the NFL, even if he is under 6-0.

The Saints are a perfect fit for Cooks, the No. 20 overall selections of the 2014 NFL Draft, as he’s expected to take over the former role held by Darren Sproles who now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cooks worked out with Saints QB Drew Brees in San Diego in his free time to get as much chemistry as possible and that will pay off this season. Currently Cooks is receiving the most positive buzz compared his peers from this year’s draft.

Brees is going to get Cooks the ball in space, and Cooks is going to be dynamic when he does, so keep an eye out on him not only during the season, but in your fantasy drafts as well, because he’ll be worth the selection