Houston Texans working on ‘fast tempo’ offense in training camp


One thing we know about the new Houston Texans offense under first-year head coach Bill O’Brien is he wants to run a fast-tempo offense with his new team.

In quotes proved by the Texans media staff, O’Brien told the Texans assembled media:

"“We like to play at a fast tempo overall. We believe in controlling the tempo. Obviously, offensively is what I am talking about. I think early in training camp when you are installing, it’s not a review because a lot of these plays have been run obviously in the spring, but you’re still in an installation mode.”"

I like the fact the Texans will be running a fast-paced offense, because what they did last season was a bit predictable, but that was under a different coaching staff that was eventually fired.

Finally, there will be something new with the Texans offense in 2014.

This offense, if it resembles what he ran as head coach at Penn State will be fun to watch, as I watched many of their games the past two seasons under O’Brien.

O’Brien’s coaching did wonders for both Christian Hackenberg and Matt McGloin while at Penn State, and maybe he can help boost the careers of Texans QBs Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and Tom Savage.

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The Texans head coach later said about the offense:

"“Hopefully by practice six, seven and eight, that process speeds up to the point where now you’re in no huddle and then your huddling and your back and forth and controlling the tempo on offense. I just think we’re a long way away from where we are going to be as far as tempo is concerned.”"

I can’t wait to see the final product when the Texans take the field for their first regular season game in Week 1 against the Washington Redskins.

What are your thoughts?