A new era dawns with the start of training camp.


Jun 17, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; A general view as the Houston Texans warm up during mini camp at Houston Methodist Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

A new era dawns with the start of training camp.  This is a like we haven’t seen in Houston since Kubiak came to us in 2006.  This camp should be special as the Texans move away from the Kubiak Way to learning the intricacies of Bill O’Brien’s multi pronged offense.   Where before we had an apt student of the Mike Shanahan vision of a west coast offense we now have a prodigy from Belichick’s vision of how a football team should play offense.  That’s not to say we’re going to see a clone of the Patriots offense so much as we’re in for a change of pace.  One that’s going to have a lot more moving parts.  Unlike previous seasons where one could sit on the couch and have a good idea where the next play was liable to be run or thrown too… good luck gang.  O’Brien is going to make that as impossible as his players can with a rather complex offense.   It’s this complexity I think, that landed Fitzpatrick the starting job.  Say what you will abould ole’Fitztragic but his football IQ is one of the highest in the NFL proper.  However, knowing a system and being able to make it work are entirely different animals.

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Arian Foster will play a significant role should his health allow for it.  Sorry Arian, nothing personal, back injuries aren’t high recovery injuries for those in your line of work.  Foster’s one cut and go play making abilities are well suited for what O’Brien has set up in both New England and Penn State.   Add in catching passes and life will be good.  The question we have is, who backs Arian up?  It’s nearly inconceivable that the Texans under O’Brien are going to make Foster carry the load nearly as much as Kubiak did.  On the Texans website proper they currently list Dennis Johnson and Jonathan Grimes.  Grimes is also listed on the active/non-football injury list.  With Ben Tate now in Johnny Football land with the Browns we don’t have a go to back up to Foster.  This leaves a worry on the ground game will we see how Foster gets out there and performs.

The fun kicks off in a few hours at 08:00 with and runs till 10:30 and a final 90 minute wrap up starting at 4:15.  This is pretty much the Texans life for the next month.  There will be some variety as the Atlanta Falcons will be in town on 13Aug for a couple of joint practice sessions prior to the game two pre-season game on the 16th of August.  Personally, as much as I’ve been talking the offense, that’s not what I’m stoked for, it’s the defense.  Romeo Crennel’s gonna have a go at using JJ Watt and Co.  If Clowney is half the player his abilities lend him, we could see one amazingly fun team come the regular season.  Some years, preseason doesn’t matter so much.  This year, it matters, and it matters a lot.  The Texans have undergone an upheaval, now it’s time to see that pay off.

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