Texans announce PUP and waive players.


Oct 13, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans inside linebacker Brian Cushing (56) watches the game against the St. Louis Rams during the second half at Reliant Stadium. The Rams won 38-13. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 season comes back to haunt the Texans, hopefully for the last time. Today the Texans released their PUP list and released a player due to failing the team physical. Some of this isn’t’ a huge surprise, and the lack of one Jadaveon Clowney from the list is an excellent thing to see. However, we’d much prefer to see a blank slate for the PUP list, at least at this point in the season.

Starting off is nose tackle Louis Nix. He was considered a steal by the Texans in the third round, but if he cannot play, well no need to state the obvious. Big man, bad knees. Such a combination rarely ends happily. Here’s hoping he’s merely needing more time to recover rather then being a bust. For his sake and the teams sake.

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Next on the list is last years fourth rounder Trevardo Williams. He’s been out of action with a right knee issue since 31Aug13. He was injured in the per-season finale and has not been seen in action since. Since he’s been drafted into the NFL, he’s not had a single snap in an actual game. Here’s hoping he get’s healthy and a shot in front of a crowd during a game that matters.

Finally the big one. Brian Cushing. When I read this my phone got a little overworked with IM’s from friends all in a worry. Relax. This isn’t, as far as the Texans have indicated a set back in Cushings rehab from last years unfortunate injuries. Rather Cushing himself stated that he would be ready come the Redskins game, but training camp might be a tad early. This is fine, he’s not rushing it back, he’s smart enough to pick up the defense and driven enough to excel once the restrictions are off. In the words of that most useful of books: DON’T PANIC.

That brings us to the ghost of 2013 lingering around the team. This comes in the form of third round selection Brennan Williams. He was the first pick of the third round coming in at number 89. His fellow third rounder, Sam Montgomery was involved in that infamous pregame hotel incident that saw the Texans lose three players while in Kansas City for an away game. Rick Smith survived the 2013 debacle, but this latest failure from last years draft has certainly agitated the fan base.

Still, the good news is, Clowney is cleared, or at least in the clear to practice and should be barring any unforeseen setbacks good to go. A side note to this is the fact that J.J. Watt, who had suffered a small injury in OTA’s appears to have just done that. Suffered a minor knee injury. It’s hard to imagine him laid up, let’s hope never we see such a sight.

Ultimately what this means is the Texans made moves more to protect the team prior to the start of Training Camp. NFL rules about roster slots make these moves smart. As long as say, Cushing isn’t on the PUP by the last day of camp, he’s good to go for the season. However, if anyone of these players is still medically down by the end of the training camp they get to sit till week six. The upshot is, if there is a set back in recovery, they still can comeback. The down side is, six weeks is six weeks, almost a third of the season.

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