Should the Texans be ‘mimicking’ the Patriots?


Houston Texans reserve quarterback T.J. Yates was quoted in an CSN Houston article as saying the Texans are trying to “mimic” the New England Patriots.

The quote went as follows:

"“Obviously watch a lot of Patriots film and seeing how they do it. We’re trying to mimic them right now.”"

I have no problem with this, because if the Texans, who were 2-14 overall, want to become one of the best franchises in the NFL (instead of the one with the worst record), they better be trying to “copycat” a system that has brought great success to not only Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, but defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

It only makes sense, right?

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Yates wasn’t bashing the process, but instead the article stated:

"“That it’s a great experience to be learning from what he calls ‘great football minds’ in O’Brien and quarterback coach George Godsey.”"

It worked for the Patriots, and O’Brien became a head coach because of his work at New England.

I would love be be able to sit in the quarterback meetings and see exactly what film of the Patriots they are watching, and this cannot just help Yates, but it has to hopefully work wonders for Case Keenum and Tom Savage, and even the veteran of the QB roster, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

More team should they and play “The Patriot” way, because in the early 2000s, they won three Super Bowls, and it is traditionally a playoff team, and that’s what all teams strive to be for.

Maybe using some of the Patriots’ tricks will take them from the basement to the penthouse of the NFL.

What are your thoughts on the Texans trying to “mimic” what the Patriots are doing with their franchise? It worked for them … maybe it can work for the Texans as well.