Always Put Team First


Well the rookies got their first taste of the NFL over and done with this past week as their first work outs were held and Head Coach Bill O’Brien has began the next phase in transforming the Texans from the Kubiak Era into his team.

One of the reports when OB1 first came to Houston was that he took down all the pictures of the players. Going a step further he’s also removed names from all the lockers, just numbers and put the rookies in rickety old lockers, heck our only drafted Quarterback, Tom Savage is sharing a locker!

I don’t recall ever sharing a locker in high school football so this had to be a wake up call for everyone.

This new tone also came with with words “Always put the team first” inside each one.  The Texans in their brief history have shown to be one where “Me” type players were frowned upon, take the Dunta Robinson ordeal for example.

Now we bring in a Head Coach who is making the organization in an image that ignores the players for the team. Kubiak was a “players coach” and that explains a lot of the lack of accountability rumored and grumbled about for years.  That’s not to say OB1 isn’t a players coach per say, something tells me that when he has your back, he has your back.

Of course he’s also going to get in your face, just ask Mr. Tom Brady.

This would also explain why Johnny Manziel never landed in Houston and probably wasn’t more then a brief consideration.  He’s a very “Me” centric personality. Maybe that’s just his publicity schtick.

Doesn’t really matter, that goes against everything OB1 is putting into place.  While most fans and experts were perplexed by the Texans lack of quarterback selection in the first two days of the draft, it makes far more sense now.  They wanted someone humble, who understood that hard work was the key and wasn’t a “put the spot light on me” kinda guy.  Tom Savage fits all those key criteria.

The new Texans remind me a lot so far, of another Texas sports franchise. One with a no-nonsense, hard nosed leader, a team concept of US not ME players who exemplify team first in their on and off the court behavior.

No, not the Cowboys, the San Antonio Spurs.  Who by the way are one series away from the NBA Finals. Again. Certainly something to consider as the summer approaches and the Texans continue to transform from a 2-14 dysfunctional mess and into the vision OB1 has.  Should be very fun and interesting to watch.

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