The Houston Texans QB will be protected… whomever he is


Dec 31, 2013; El Paso, TX, USA; UCLA Bruins guard Xavier Su

With their second round pick and the Houston Texans choose to protect the starting 2014 quarterback with a monster good guard from UCLA, Xavier Su’a-Filo.

Certainly not the sexy QB pick many thought the Texans would make happen. Obviously the Texans have someone they really want, and aren’t worried about another team taking before them.

While I like shoring up the line, and this was a good pick for the Texans. Young, smart, well regarded and the ability to step up and start from day one what more can you ask for?

So far the draft has been fascinating. Who really saw Bortles going 3rd while Johhny Football had to wait with many a phone checks till Cleveland finally decided to pull the trigger with a trade up for pick 22.

Personally I think had Bortles been on the board later in the round Houston would have gone for him. Well I did prior to the draft.  The Texans so far are staying true to form by drafting for need and avoiding circuses. When and who they take for QB is important, but you have to suspect they have something going on to be this calm about it.

Don’t expect the Texans to make a splashy trade to make something happen. Right now I’ve got my money on AJ McCarron or Tom Savage as making Houston their new home. At this point it would not be a shock if the Texans didn’t take a QB in the draft. Strange?  Try this out for size:

Carr to Schaub, now it’s Schaub to Carr….

Can’t get any weirder than that!

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