Houston Texans draft choices after the 2nd round


The Texans intrigue with the first round of the draft, which is oh so close and too far away is well documented. Clowney or a Quarterback? Either way by Friday, pick one as things stand we’ll know who the Texans next young arm is. And that’s great, but what about the rest of the draft? What holes do the Texans really need to fill to make the fans mostly forget about 2013?

New Head Coach Bill O’Brien has made it clear he’d like a good slot receiver, something the Texans so far do not have. With only two real stars at the position, Andre Johnson and Keshawn Martin the Texans will almost certainly address this need in the third round. Of course we’re assuming here no pick spot trading going on. Clowney, best quarterback at the top of the 2nd round and then…

Then we have a lot of possibilities. Taking an offensive lineman makes sense as the Texans are moving into a new offense and having a young player who is geared for the new offense rather then hoping all the current roster can make the transition.  However I expect most of the draft to be spent around shoring up the Defense while grabbing opportunity players for the O-Line.

The Texans also lost fan favorite Owen Daniels this off season, which means I expect a Tight End to enter the mix. Who and where is any ones guess at this point. The top of the draft has the intrigue but the rest of the draft is very important and the team can ill afford a repeat of last year with poor picks that wash out.

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