Rick Smith, Houston Texans Pre-Draft Quotes and Opinions

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Smith on who the Texans will select with the No. 1 pick:

"“I don’t exactly know who we will take. What I do know is that I know the order of our board. I know that if we select first, it’s a unique opportunity obviously to be the first pick. If we do select there, I know who we feel good about there. If we move, then obviously there are variables that come into play at that point. While I don’t know exactly who we’re taking, I think that we’ve done a nice job of valuing the board, and we know how they fall.”"

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My Thoughts:

I believe he knows exactly who they are taking with the No. 1 overall pick. We are a week away from the draft, and you can’t tell me they don’t know their Plan A of who they are selecting with the No. 1 overall selection.
looks like this:

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I think they even have a Plan B set as well, in case they trade down in this draft.

If they don’t, maybe that is the reason why this franchise is in rebuild or re-model mode right now, instead of being a Super Bowl contender.