JJ Watt, Barbara Bush and Texans Draft Rumors


JJ Watt and Barbara Bush

JJ Watt and former First Lady Barbara Bush teamed up to tackle illiteracy. Gotta say, she looks tough in those shoulder pads! The work JJ Watt does off the field is probably on the whole more impressive to me then the work he does on the field. The Texans have got to sign him to a long term contract, you don’t let such a good guy walk.  *https://twitter.com/JJWatt/status/459773149207228416/photo/1

The Texans are up in the draft news, as expected having the first pick in the draft tends to do that. Currently Jadeveon Clowney coming to Houston, rightly is seen by most as being the most “likely” scenario so far by many a draft boards around the web.  There are however, some intriguing possibilities floating around out there. The idea of trading down to get Khalil Mack is one, and Atlanta has been mentioned as a possible suitor for the Texans for a draft swap.  Houston would give up the 1st pick for the 6th and conceivably the 37th pick as well.  That has potential, but do the Falcons need Clowney that badly?  Mortgaging your future for a “sure thing” comes with a heavy price if it doesn’t pan out.  That would work however for Houston, who at least publicly have not settled on anyone.

The most interesting thing, speaking of Atlanta, are the parallels between the Falcons and the Texans.  Both went from top of their division to the cellar, both have a lot of talent and both misfired terribly in 2013. Houston’s re-configuring while Atlanta took the “it was a fluke” road. Which team will bounce back? Granted I’m pulling for the Texans, but McNair and company took a big risk in firing most of the staff and releasing/trading key players.

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