The Houston Texans will choose Jadeveon Clowney


Greetings Texans Fans!

As we draw closer to the draft the hype, the drama, the news is getting more intense. The question on our minds and the world of the NFL is “What will the Houston Texans do with the first pick?”

That’s a great question, one that’s been gone over to the point of every angle being covered. Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, trading the pick to stock up and of course the “dark horse” theories run rampant.

It is my opinion that the Texans will take Clowney, it’s the only logical choice. A questionable quarterback or a proven commodity who can instantly elevate the the defense.

No-brainer choice for this writer. That being said, what needs after that are highest on the Texans list?  While I think Maziel has talent the circus he’ll bring isn’t worth the trouble, but if he falls to the second round it’s worth the risk.

Quarterback. And with the first pick of the second round, the Texans will have plenty of viable choices to take. The ’14 season isn’t going to be a resurgence year for the team.

I don’t get the “Superbowl-or-bust” vibe from the coaches or ownership.

Not this year.

Yes, 2012 started and end with talk of making the big game.

But the actions of the staff say “Restocking and laying groundwork” rather then “Win it all”.    The Texans are being led by a very smart coach who has seen the advantage of building success as the Patriots have done under Bill Belichick. I see his moves as laying the foundation for years of success rather than going for it all this year. That takes patience. After a 2-14 season, patience may be thin for fans, but the pay off potential is much higher.

2014 is an installment year.

Maybe we’ll go far right off the bat, no ones going to complain, but I think he’s looking at finishing this decade with the Texans as a premier team in the league. Look at the moves so far. They let go old fan favorites, getting younger, stronger, faster. He’s got a whole new system and you don’t just waltz in and make that happen as a general rule.  Here’s how I see it breaking down.

Round 2, Quarterback.

Round 3, OL

Round 4, WR

Round 5, CB/Safety

After that it’s going to be “best available” player.

One thing is for certain, 2014 is going to be fun to watch as we face old friends in Oakland, as the Texans transform from a Gary Kubiak offense into one more aggressive and less worried about managing the chains. We’ve gotten used to that, now it’s time to watch the paradigm shift, and good things will flow.

Hang in there friends, 2014 might not be a Superbowl kinda year, but the ground work being laid will be epic to behold.

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