Houston Texans Thursday Roundup: A QB with Tom Brady ‘qualities’


Mar 25, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

Let’s start out today by taking another look at the Houston Texans quarterback situation and finding out exactly what they want in a QB.

In an article on the Ultimate Texans site by the Houston Chronicle veteran writer John McClain quoted Texans head coach Bill O’Brien as saying:

"“I think what we’re looking for is a guy that has some of Tom’s qualities — a great teammate, an accountable guy, a hard-working guy, a competitive guy, a good leader. But to go out there and say, ‘This guy is going to be like Tom Brady.’ that’s ridiculous.”"

That makes sense because there probably isn’t a QB in this draft who will have the success like Brady has had in the NFL. Then again, when Brady was drafted in the sixth round in the 2000 NFL Draft there probably weren’t many folks expecting three Super Bowl championships and a Hall of Fame career with that choice either.

Already taking pressure off the next Texans QB, whether they are already on the roster or will be drafting the player is a smart move by O’Brien, because whomever the next starting QB will be … they will have a lot of pressure already to turn the struggling Texans offense around in a hurry in ’14.

Now the questions which still remain are who and in what round will the Texans draft a QB, and will that QB be named the starter once the ’14 begins this September?

In other Texans news:

• At CSN Houston head coach Bill O’Brien spoke about playing young QBs as he was quoted in an article on their website:

"“I think to expect a guy to go in there and play right away against a, for instance, Rex Ryan defense is very difficult. At the same time, you better be ready to do it, because you never know what might happen.”"

My feeling is whomever the Texans draft at QB in May, whether it be with the No. 1 overall pick or in another later round, they may be watching from the sideline in Week 1 as it looks like just from that single comment the new QB will get some time to learn before he is asked to start.

• Here is an article on the Texans “high expectations” from Fansided’s House of Houston.

NFL.com has post on Houston Rockets basketball player Dwight Howard “pitching” for the Texans to select defensive end Jadeveon Clowney,

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