Report: 3 Houston Texans reps to appear at Johnny Manziel Pro Day


Mar 20, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel shake hands with fans following the fourth quarter of the game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit:

Andrew Richardson

-USA TODAY Sports is reporting the same three Houston Texans representatives who attended the pro days of Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater will also be at the pro day of Johnny Manziel this Thursday.

The article states:

"“The same trio that attended the pro days of Central Florida’s Blake Bortles and Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater – new head coach Bill O’Brien, general manager Rick Smith and quarterbacks coach George Godsey – will be on hand … They’ll also be meeting with Manziel afterward.”"

This is a smart and predictable move by the Texans as they’ve already seen the other two top QBs in the draft, so why not Manziel?

It is clear that I’m not a big supporter of Manziel, as I mostly prefer the Texans to focus on Bridgewater, Bortles or even defense in this draft, but if I’m wrong on Manziel as far as converting his talents from the college level to the NFL … well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d be wrong about something.

The Texans need another QB on this roster to challenge Case Keenum and Ryan Fitzpatrick, if not for this upcoming season, at least for the future of this franchise, so the draft seems like the most logical choice.

As for the former Heisman Trophy winner, sure, he does have a lot of football talent, but is that football talent just good at the collegiate level. or will his style of play actually work at the NFL level?

That is my biggest question when it comes to Manziel. Tim Tebow was a first-round, former Heisman Trophy QB who entered the NFL as one of the greatest collegiate QBs in the history of the game, but look out how he turned out.

Some feel Manziel will be a star in the NFL, and I’ve also read those who feel he’ll be a bust in the league. It is safe to say he’s a very complex QB to judge.

I know they aren’t the same player, but can the Texans honestly risk taking a player with the questions that surround the game of Manziel as they try to repair some of the foundation of their franchise?

None of the QBs in this draft are a sure thing, but I believe Manziel is the biggest risk of the “big three.” Then again, the biggest risk could have the biggest reward.

Thoughts on Manziel and the potential of him being the next Texans QB?

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