It’s no secret at this point ..."/>

It’s no secret at this point ..."/>

Houston says good bye to Matt Schaub


It’s no secret at this point the Matt Schaub has been traded to the Oakland Raiders. Love him or hate him, he is no longer in Houston. Regardless of your feelings about the guy, his numbers and action say good things about him.

When Schaub started his first season with Houston back in 2007, no one knew what to expect of him. Houston had just let go a first overall draft pick that just didn’t work out and the team had not seen a winning season since its inception. Schaub was going to be the guy to change all that and… he did!

On the field Schaub proved capable and started off with a rough team that had virtually no defensive presence and only a hand full of offensive weapons to choose from. As Schaub grew into the team he was graced with the receiving hands of Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels to complement his passing game. Schaub took full advantage of those two sets of hands.

During Schaub’s 7 years in a Texans jersey he had 5 seasons with a .500+ record. Also, in those 7 years, he accumulated 5 seasons with a 90+ passer rating, which is a rare feat in itself. Add the fact that every year he played a full 16 games Schaub threw for more than 4000 yards, the man showed to be able to produce close to elite QB numbers.

Matt Schaub did more than just produce on the field; he became a great part of the Houston scene. The “Gr8 Hope Foundation”, started by Matt and Laurie Schaub, has done wonders to help Houston children with medical needs. Taking part in a number of fund raising events from softball to golf tournaments, Matt Schaub also helped with other organizations to raise money for a variety of community needs.

Through thick and thin, Matt Schaub has shown a great deal of professionalism and respect for opportunities provided to him. He began his welcoming press conference in Oakland by giving thanks to the Texans organization and the confidence they showed in him to build his career as a starting NFL quarter back.

I hope you will join me in saying thanks and wishing Matt and Laurie Schaub good fortune where ever life will take them. Matt has earned the right to be treated with as much class as he has shown in representing Houston and our Texans organization as he moves on to future endeavors. Good luck, sir, may your life as a Raider be a fruitful one.