Houston Texans Wednesday Roundup


Dec 7, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; UCF Knights quarterback Blake Bortles (5) runs for a touchdown against the Southern Methodist Mustangs during the second half of an NCAA football game at Gerald J. Ford Stadium. UCF Knights won 17-13. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Not much really happened with the Houston Texans yesterday except for the signing of reserve defensive tackle Jerrell Powe.

ESPN.com had an article on what exactly the Texans will be getting in the signing, with Tania Ganguli writing:

"“Powe is the first outside free agent the Texans have signed since the new league year opened, and he’s also the only nose tackle on the Texans’ roster right now.”"

I’m sure the Texans will add to the defensive tackle spot, but whether it will be in free agency or in the draft is still the question.

My guess is they will eventually add another defensive tackle in free agency, then go after a younger DT in the middle-to late rounds in the 2014 NFL Draft.

I have no problem with the signing of Powe, but the Texans do need to do a little more to improve on the product we all watched this past season.

In other Texans news:

• The Houston Chronicle’s Ultimate Texans blog had a post where the Texans met with potential No. 1 overall selection Teddy Brodgewater following his pro day.

The post by Brian T. Smith says:

"“Representatives for the team held an extended conference with Bridgewater, who met with the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday, following his pro day.”"

I’m not putting a lot on his pro day performance as it left more for the NFL folks to desire. He wasn’t in a game situation and didn’t even have a helmet on, so it will take more than a lackluster pro day to change my mind he’s still the most “NFL ready” quarterback in this draft.

But as I just sit and think about this, I honestly don’t know how serious the Texans are in drafting a QB with this No. 1 overall selection, knowing they might be able to get a very quality QB in the second or possibly later round.

• Here is an article from House of Houston on Teddy Bridgewater.

The MMQB has an article titled “The Blake Bortles Conundrum,” where Greg A. Bedard starts the article with the perfect question about Bortles:

"“If you could take the best quarterback in the 2015 draft this May, knowing that you probably wouldn’t get much from him in ’14—and even then he’s still not a sure thing—where would you draft him?”"

That is the perfect way to question Bortles … and if I were the Texans and didn’t truly believe in the long-term with Teddy Bridgewater, and was going to draft a QB in the first round, I would really think about Bortles.

I like Bortles a lot, but Bortles is a big question entering the draft, and could be a great choice for a team that has patience.

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