Houston Texans still interested in QB with No. 1 pick


Dec 28, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) rushes into the end zone for a touchdown during the second half of the Russell Athletic Bowl against the Miami Hurricanes at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle tweeted Wednesday that he still believes the Houston Texans will draft one of the Top 3 QBs in the May NFL draft with the No. 1 overall selection.

Here is the tweet by McClain:

Just from what the Texans need and by the talent at the top of the draft board, I believe the Texans will take one of the following four players in the draft with that coveted No. 1 overall selection:

Teddy Bridgewater (QB, Louisville)

Blake Bortles (QB, UCF)

Johnny Manziel (QB, Texas A&M)

Jadeveon Clowney (DE, Soith Carolina)

That is it … if they don’t trade their No. 1 overall pick, I believe one of those four football players will be a Houston Texan next season.

The question is … which player?

If I had to narrow the list down to three, I first would eliminate Manziel, for the fact he doesn’t completely fit the criteria of a Bill O’Brien style of QB.

Now between the final three players I have left on my list … well, that is just a guessing game.

I think the two safest picks for contributions right out of the game are Clowney and Bridgewater, and Bortles isn’t that far behind, but he does need some work according to analysts who have seen him play more than I have.

Some may not agree with me, but I just don’t believe Case Keenum is the answer for the Texans under center. I know last season was a rough year for the Texans and Keenum’s play did suffer, but if he’s really “that good” why would the Texans front office and new coaching staff be wasting their time in visiting QB pro days, meeting with other QBs and eventually holding private workouts for QBs in the draft?

So I guess you can say I mostly agree with Mr. McClain … except I believe the Texans will draft either a QB … or Clowney at defensive end.

One of those three will be a Texans player at the start of the ’14 season.

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