Star Wars themed makeover for Houston Texans


When Houston lost the Oilers to Nashville, it wasn’t a good time. Luckily, the Texans franchise arrived in 2002 and brought football back to the city.

Now, think if Houston and every other NFL city lost their team to not just another city, but another galaxy.

That is what happened this week when John Raya, Creative Director, Art Director, Illustrator GREY México decided to redesign every NFL team logo helmet into a Star Wars-themed helmet.

The Texans morphed into the Ylesia Reeks.

For those not familiar with Star Wars (according to Wookieepedia):

"“The reek was a large thick-skinned, horned, bovine-esque quadruped, native to Ylesia. Subspecies could be found on Iridonia, Kashyyyk and Ithor. They could also be found in ranches on the Codian Moon, Tatooine and Saleucami. “"

Their average height is 2.24 meters and average length is 4.04 meters. They have a mass of 1,000 kilograms and a normally brown/red. They have a distinction of two side horn and one center horn.

Their home world is Ylesia.

Wookieeoedia also states about a Reek:

"“Reeks were herbivores by nature, but they were often fed meat for exhibition sport and executions. This turned their leathery skin a dark red and made the reeks much more aggressive.”"

My guess is if a Reek had to excel at a football position, it would be linebacker because of the above description.

According to the site, it says they were usually found in herds … so in football terms, they would be great at defense and swarming to the football.

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