Texans head coach Bill O’Brien quietly putting together his coach staff


Greetings Texans Fans!

We go into “Super Bowl Week” with a few questions answered, namely if Mike Munchak will return to Houston… spoiler alert, he’ll be black and yellow adorned.

Also it appears our offense coordinator is once again the head coach. That’s right Bill O’Brien is taking the offense on his shoulders. Hey, if it works for him, fine by me.

How much of the offense did Rick Dennison really control during a game? Exactly.

Also BO’B hired Doug Coleman, linebacker coach at Coastal Carolina to be the assistant Special Teams Coach. Shoring up the special teams with a linebacker coach, considering some of our secondary linebackers are special teams like oh, Brian Brahman? Yeah, another good move.

Speaking of good moves, the big ones are yet to come.

How long will the current quarterbacks stay on the roster? Whose going, whose staying on the team proper? These choices shouldn’t be rushed, however, what choices are made will say a lot about how your Houston Texans are moving in to the BO’B era.

Younger, high motor players on defense coupled with a new QB and new offense should put the Texans right back into the mix of things. Of course, they should have never fallen out of the mix, but we all know that tale too, well don’t we?

This draft is getting a little crazy, probably because we have the first choice.

I’m paying attention more, but a billboard for Johnny Manziel to be the Texans signal caller? Getting a bit much for me.

Maybe the Texans will trade down and a get new left tackle and give Case Keenum another chance. The big question with him was it his fault the late season regression or was it the coaches trying to force him to be Matt Schaub 2.0?

Square peg, round hole? I tend to lean that way.

Look how many players move to a new team and suddenly are great, or are great again. You can claim it’s just needing a change of scenery, but that’s just hogwash, it’s about how you’re being treated and coached.

For me, as we move forward the quarterback decision still looms large, but who will replace Arian Foster?  Maybe he’s going to make a comeback, aces for that, but running backs tend to regress quickly and now is the time to start finding our new running back.

We shall see.

For now the waiting game continues, and we’re here for you as news happens. Keep your browsers to the Torotimes!

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