Houston Texans Wednesday Roundup


Sep 29, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans running back Arian Foster (23) rushes during the fourth quarter as Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons (91) attempts to make a tackle at Reliant Stadium. The Seahawks defeated the Texans 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start off Wednesday with a link to our friends at House of Houston with an update on the Arian Foster lawsuit.

In an article on HoH, they quoted TMZ by writing:

"“I never once said that you told me to get an abortion. I’m not going to sit here and be like okay with — those papers said, ‘harassment,’ like ‘in fear.’ I was never in fear of my life around you.”"

You can read the entire HoH article here, but as for my thoughts … like I’ve said all week, this is a big mess, and I hope the No. 1 worry is about the health of the unborn child and not money or the famous.

That’s about my only opinion on the matter.

As for Foster and his football career … I really believe the Texans need to look into a Plan B when it comes to him, but I’ll write more about that on a later date.

Here is a video and article on the 2013 Texans defensive line from Comcast SportsNet Houston.

They wrote on the d-line:

"“(J.J.) Watt didn’t duplicate the numbers from the Defensive Player of the Year season in 2012, but he was just as disruptive in 2013. If you don’t believe it, just ask any offense linemen who he barreled through this past year.”"

Watt is in talks for a repeat as NFL Defensive Player of the Year for the ’13 season, as he should be. Like CSN said, he didn’t have the same numbers as ’12, but he did make an impact on the field. A very big impact.

ESPN featured a look back at the 2013 Texans offensive line. The article stated:

"“There were protection breakdowns; no, the run blocking wasn’t perfect every time. But they were seriously hampered by two things: an inexperienced quarterback who lacked an effective mental clock and ridiculous injuries to running backs, who are a big part of pass protection.”"

Yes, I agree with the statement about an inexperienced quarterback and injuries to the running backs, but the pass blocking had to be one of the worst in the NFL, and if it wasn’t, then there is a problem with pass protection in the NFL.