Keep the extra point; leave the postseason alone


Oct 26, 2013; London, United Kingdom; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (right) and Joe Montana at the Commissioners Fan Forum at the Landmark Hotel in advance of the International Series game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I honestly believe the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is losing his mind when it comes to always wanting to change the NFL in places where it doesn’t need change.

The sport is No. 1 in the United States for a reason, and he and his inner circle need to just let the game stay the way it is, because if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

The most recent change is the commish is talking about switching up the extra point rule. He wants to make touchdowns worth seven points, then possibly having a one-point play. If the team scores on the one-point play they get eight points; if they fail to score, the touchdown is only worth six points.

In an article it states Goodell saying on the NFL Network:

"“The extra point is almost automatic. I believe we had five missed extra points this year out of 1,200 some-odd [attempts]. So it’s a very small fraction of the play, and you want to add excitement with every play.”"

I’m not a fan of this potential rule change, or the 18-game regular season, or potentially watering down the playoffs by adding more teams.

What more does Mr. Goodell and the NFL brass want from the game? Is being a billion-dollar business not good enough?

I’m not saying all his decisions have been off, because what they are doing for player safety in terms of concussions is a good thing, but changing the PAT rules, adding more games or even putting more teams in the postseason doesn’t need to be done.

Why do we need more teams in the playoffs? Making the playoffs should be tough, so don’t let half of the league into the postseason.

The NFL wants these changes for greed, and that is OK if that is their motivation, but don’t say it will improve the overall product, because it won’t.

The playoffs are perfect, and there is nothing wrong with the PAT rules, so Mr. Goodell and all of those in charge of the NFL need to just sit back, relax and don’t mess up what is already the best product in all of sports.

Just leave the product alone.