Mel Kiper says Houston Texans will draft Johnny Manziel


Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

In his first 2014 Mock Draft, ESPN Insider Mel Kiper is projecting Johnny Manziel as the No. 1 overall selection to fill in their quarterback needs next season.

I’m still not 100-percent sold on Manziel, but I’ve been know to be wrong before and probably will be wrong again. Manziel is 6-0 and weighs 205 pounds and is from Texas A&M.

Here is what Kiper said of Manziel:

"“Manziel doesn’t fit the old prototypes of a QB drafted No. 1, and I have concerns about how well he can protect himself given his smaller frame, but he is a magician on the field and is made for the current NFL. This league protects and welcomes QBs who can improvise, run and make plays beyond the playbook. It’s early, but Manziel is a special player and has the draft process to prove it further.”"

As I said before, Manziel is a really good football player, and I could care less about what he does off the field, as I’m pretty sure he’s not the only college kid who attended a party a time or two.

Manziel passed for 4,114 yards and 37 touchdowns. He had 13 interceptions and completed 300 of 429 pass attempts. For his career, he passed 7,820 yards and 63 touchdowns.

The autograph “scandal” means nothing to me either, but I just think he’s not the right guy for the Bill O’Brien system, as he does prefer a larger-built QB.

Plus, the health of Manziel is a factor, and don’t forget this is the NFL … he’s not going to run past every defender like he did in college, and that means when he played against Alabama as well. I know he improved on his passing ability this past season, but the way he plays the gave in an overall aspect is worrisome.

I’m not saying he’s not a good selection for the Texans, but what I question and ponder is if he would be the right selection for the Texans.