Should the Houston Texans trade the No. 1 pick?


Dec 28, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) reacts after scoring a touchdown during the second half of the Russell Athletic Bowl against the Miami Hurricanes at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Once Bill O’Brien was hired as the new head coach for the Houston Texans this past Friday, it became known the Texans would be “willing to trade their No. 1 overall draft pick for the 2014 NFL Draft.”

In an article in the Houston Chronicle, Bob McNair was quoted as saying:

"“There’s always the possibility that (general manager) Rick (Smith) and the coaches will trade around … Maybe we’ll trade down and pick up more picks and still get a quarterback that can do the job, and get that outstanding defensive player. It’s an exciting time. Everything’s a moving target, a lot of moving pieces, it’s a fun time.”"

Well then … that makes for a lot of interesting scenarios for the next few months before the draft.

Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

What would you do, if it were up to you?

Would you just keep the No. 1 overall pick and draft either Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel at quarterback? Would you look at Jadeveon Clowney at defensive end, or would you trade the pick for more picks in the draft?

It is now the biggest and most important decision the Texans have to mull over for the next few months.

Again, I ask, what would you do … or what should the Texans do with the choice?

I honestly don’t see the Texans trading the No. 1 overall pick unless they would stay in the Top 5 of the draft as they really have a need at the quarterback position.

I still don’t believe Case Keenum is the answer at QB, unless Bill O’Brien has other plans and can fix all that ails Keenum’s game. With that said, if one person can fix the game of Keenum, it is O’Brien.

If I were to choose a QB today I’m picking Bridgewater or Manziel right now. Both are quality QBs, but I really like I’ve seen in Bridgewater, and I believe he fits into O’Brien’s system better than Manziel would.

Also on Manziel, how long will he hold up in the NFL. His style of play scares me to draft him with the No. 1 overall selection.

Still, that No. 1 pick is just too good to pass up in my humble opinion, not that it means much. Just from watching the team this past season and knowing the NFL in general, you need a franchise QB to win a Super Bowl, and I believe you can do that with the No. 1 pick, but not so much with trading it.

What are your thoughts … would you keep it or trade it?