Texans fans get a chance to thank Matt Schaub, and they should take it


Nov 17, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) attempts a pass during the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium. The Raiders defeated the Texans 28-23. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

It’s been a rough week for the faithful as we have to accept that Matt Schaub will face off against Peyton Manning this Sunday. This is going to be a good move really. The simple answer is that Case Keenum isn’t the right guy for the current Texans game plan. He’s a “Look-run-shoot” QB, this system, the coaches and the team are designed around a “Set, look, look, fire” or as is often the case “Where is Andre?”.

The system has completely broken down, but who better to lead the team at home one last time than Matt?

He’s done a lot for the team, the City of Houston and frankly I for one am pulling for an upset win against the Broncos. Case isn’t going to do it, asking him to be a pocket passer playing the Shanahan/Kubiak hybrid offense is like asking Schaub to play like Michael Vick.

Things we aren’t ever going to see happen.

The fans need to come out and give Schaub a standing ovation when he takes the field. He’s EARNED that much. Be classy Houston. Get out there and raise the roof for the man that did many good things for all us.

Moving forward, I know the Texans sat down with Lovie Smith, don’t have a problem with that. Frankly I think he could bring a lot to the table, however, I for one want to see a more… energetic presence on the sidelines. Here’s hoping Jon Gruden decides to leave the comfort of Monday Night Football and step back to the plate.

Talk about a change of pace!

Looking to the draft, it’s sad but a quarterback is most likely to be our first choice.

This is a shame, but Keenum couldn’t adapt to the system in place and it’s asking a lot for a new head coach to take a so far unsuccessful young man and put his future on the line out of the gates. Dreams of a Watt/Clowney defensive line will have to be just that, dreams.

I know the good folks over at Battle Red are pulling for Teddy Bridgewater, but I suspect he’s going to wait out this draft. It’s asking a lot for him to put aside a real shot at No. 1 in College ball next year to come to a team that has imploded entirely, and despite the strong words of the coaches, players and owner looks a team that needs two to three years to get back on top.

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