NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

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Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Toby Gerhart (32) fends off Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith (22) during his fourth quarter touchdown run at M

Rankings: The rest of the worst

26. Minnesota Vikings — Talk about giving a win away.

27. Oakland Raiders — Just hand the ball off to Marcel Reece and block.

28. Buffalo Bills — Are they saying no to Toronto?

29. Jacksonville Jaguars — They have more wins right now than I would have guessed. They need to send a Christmas card to their “friends” in the AFC South.

30. Atlanta Falcons — A bad way for Tony Gonzalez to end his career.

31. Washington Redskins — Looks like Daniel Snyder will be looking for another head coach, again.

32. Houston Texans — Is the “Case Closed” for Case Keenum?