Thanking Gary Kubiak and Bob McNair


Nov 17, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

First, may I offer a heartfelt thank you to Bob McNair for pulling the trigger and ending the Gary Kubiak era in Houston. Few coaches survive a season like this, and it was merely a when not if it would happen.

I also wish to sat thanks to Gary Kubiak. He brought a lot of hope to the City of Houston and it’s fans. This isn’t how anyone wanted to see you go Gary. I know I called for your firing, but that was just business. I think Kubiak is a class act who deserves our respect, our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes as he moves forward in his life.

Now it’s time for the Texans to move forward.

With Wade Phillips now the interim head coach and his oft stated desire to be a head coach again, so expect this to be an all or nothing deal next year.

Either Wade’s the HC or he’s gone.

I’d be inclined to take such a stand myself were I in his shoes. However one gets the feeling that McNair is feeling pressure from his fellow stakeholders in the Texans and a younger head coach with new idea and a new direction are on tap. We shall see where the team goes.

I think the best move made was naming Case Keenum starter without dispute for the remainder of the season.

Now we get to see if letting him loose instead of chaining him to the Kubiak way makes a difference. Aside the game in Tennessee it’s going to be a tall order to ask this team to win against Indianapolis or Denver.

I’m judging growth and confidence when it come to Keenum at this point. Does he show he has it, like he did against Kansas City? If he puts on a helluva competitive show I say you save those draft picks for the other areas we need. If we see him still struggling well he makes a good back up for next year.

Personally I hope we take Jadeveon Clowney. Put him and J.J Watt together, with a healthy Brian Cushing, that’s just scary.

Next year is Watt’s last year under contract, if a deal cannot be reached then we need a replacement.

Just food for thought.

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