Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Bold Predictions

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The Player of the Game will be Maurice Jones-Drew

I just have a feeling MJD will have another big game against the Texans tonight. In their previous game, MJD totaled 84 rushing yards on 14 attempts, including one run of 44 yards with one touchdown. He also had six receptions for 60 yards.

Last week against the Cleveland Browns, MJD had 77 yards rushing on 23 carries.

I don’t see any reason why MJS can’t get numbers close to those in the game, as he seems to be on a roll as of late compared to his numbers earlier this season.

The Texans are 20th in rushing yards allowed by giving up 116.0 per game, including last week against the New England Patriots where they allowed 121 yards on 28 rushing plays, a 4.3 average. If there is one player on the Jaguars team to look out for, MJD is my choice this week.