Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Another Q&A with Black & Teal

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The Jaguars are on a two-game winning streak. As a fan of the team, how do you feel about the wins this season, and do you expect more wins with four games remaining?

At the bye week, I thought the Jaguars had a serious chance to go 0-16. Our first win against Tennessee on the road was a shocker, and the team has played well in every game since. As a fan of the team, I’m glad to see the players and Gus Bradley get some wins to validate all their hard work.

As a fan of the franchise, I’m selfish, and I want the team to lose games while being competitive. To me, a higher draft position is more important than meaningless wins this season. Unfortunately, the Jaguars have a pretty soft schedule down the stretch and will probably win another game.