2014 NFL Mock Draft: The Houston Texans Select …


Nov 30, 2013; Columbia, SC, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) rushes the passer against the Clemson Tigers in the second quarter at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

This week (and in the coming weeks), Fansided.com writer Josh Sanchez released an early version of a 2014 NFL mock draft.

The mock draft has the Houston Texans with the No. 1 overall selection after falling to an league-worst 2-10 overall record with four games left on the schedule.

The first selection is a bit of a surprise, but still a “safe” selection in terms of a player with a lot of talent for a Texans team that can use a lot of help.

Sanchez’s mock draft has the Texans selecting South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Sanchez explains:

"“Instead of going for a quarterback, the Texans can immediately improve their defense by bringing South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who is the most impressive defensive end star in recent memory, to town. Clowney would be able to team up with former NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt to form the top defensive end duo in the NFL.”This one will make a person think for a little bit. I really think Clowney can make any team in the NFL better, but in my honest opinion, the Texans need to look elsewhere.”"

My take is the Texans need to look at a quarterback very closely in this draft, because I’m still not sure Case Keenum is a longterm solution at the position. There are some good QB talents in this draft, but they need help at offensive line, and let’s face it, if they lose Ben Tate to free agency, the Texans aren’t set at the running back position by any means. Arian Foster is often injured, so there is a possibility of trading back their potential No. 1 pick for more draft choices.

As of Dec. 3, 2013, I just don’t see the Texans gravitating toward selecting Clowney instead of looking really closely at a new quarterback, because there is just too much talent coming into the league to overlook at a spot where they need some help … and fast. Keenum has four games left to show the Texans they don’t need to look at a quarterback in this draft and possibly select Clowney.