Texans fall again; put a fork in the ’13 season


Oct 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Houston Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs defeated the Texans 17-16. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

As we start the Case Keenum try out for 2014, we have time to evaluate the entire Texans organization. Let’s look at what happened in Arizona, and why a team with this much overall potential is doing so poorly.

The easy answer would be to blame the mounting injuries. They do play a part, but really no player out right now could have saved the last few games. So, let’s put aside the lost to injuries and focus on the fails on the team now.

Joe Marciano (Special Teams Coach) … that blocked field goal is just another in a list of mental mistakes the Texans special teams have suffered. He needs to be replaced, preferably Monday morning, at the latest right after the 2013 season ends.

Randy Bullock got a reprieve, and bringing in try out kickers might have been the wake up call he needed, however the team needs to be ready to fire him should he relapse.

Derek Newton. That fumble? All on him. He failed and let his quarterback get hit from his blindside. Tom Brady would have fumbled that ball.

Rick Dennison. Three games now in a row team have dialed up the pressure on Case Keenum, thanks to poor blocking he was overwhelmed. Some of that is on Keenum, he needs to be ready for it, but damn… adjustments need to be made, quick screens to back the defense off. Plus the Texans habit of “get the lead and play for the first down” needs to end. Some of that is Gary Kubiak, but Rick isn’t impressing with his calling.

Now let’s look to needs.

Quarterback is not a need. Keenum should be handed the reigns and move forward. So let’s put that to rest and move ahead at full speed for the 2014 draft and free agency market.

Number one is offensive line, preferably a couple of good pass blockers. A line that was once the best in the NFL has had a serious setback.

Running back. Arian Foster has a ruptured disk, that’s not a “Surgery and you’re 100% again.” He might, maybe make a full recovery and be rested and ready for 2014, however with Tate up for the free agency market the smart money is on drafting Fosters replacement.

Linebacker. I love Brian Cushing, but his knees can’t take another blowout. With Wade Phillips defense, this is a premium.

Safety/cornerback. Can we close DJ Swearinger? Please? That man is a beast and will only improve with time.

Wide Receiver. Andre Johnson is a beast still, but each year that passes is that much closer to the day he’s no longer Andre. Posey, Nuk and Jean are good, but we need more on tap to be ready.

I’m all for looking ahead, the 2013 season is dead. It’s time to look at how the team moves forward to a better future. We cannot let this season kill us, there are lessons here, good lessons to be learned and the best thing the Texans as an organization can do is show that they are ready to correct the errors and build for success.

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