NFL is about flexibility; the Houston Texans have none


Oct 13, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans owner Bob McNair walks off the field after the Texans were defeated by the St. Louis Rams 38-13 at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

Well, that was painful to watch, heck even for Rams fans the performance of the Texans had to be a source of joyful embarrassment. The 2013 Season is dead, we hardly knew it. Sitting 2-4 with systemic issues on the offense and a special teams system that is laughable the chances of a”getting it together” are slim to none, and I just saw Slim on the outskirts of town wearing a Colts jersey.

This implosion is no shock to those who saw the problem in the end of last season. Saw it in the preseason. The problem isn’t Matt Schaub, it’s a system built on arrogance. That arrogance starts with Gary Kubiak. He’s a smart guy, he’s a talented head coach who has done very well with this team in his time here. This loss, should tell owner Bob McNair the expiration date on the Kubiak era has expired.

Let’s contrast the Texans with two players, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Stay with me here, I understand they are extraordinary athletes, a rare breed of player that many try to mimic and few will ever truly match let alone beat. I get that, and it’s aside the point. The thing they have going for them that Houston doesn’t, is flexibility. Manning is well known for coming to the line, looking around and making a change. Brady under Bill Belichick is very hard to predict. Both are in charge of offenses that bend but don’t break. Change to meet not just the opponent of the week but to flex with the moment.

Gary Kubiak scripts the first 15-20 plays of every game and dares the other side to beat him. 2-4 with the talent on this team says his playbook is a telegraph. Take the TJ Yates 98 yard pick six today. The Fox Sports announcers called it, before the ball was hiked. “Better double up on that tight end!” Sure enough, that is exactly what the Rams did, and Alec Ogletree got himself a nice souvenir from Houston.

Here in these pages I have been blessed with the opportunity to pontificate about my beloved Texans, I said “Kubiaks gotta change or we’re in trouble.” This wasn’t some wisdom of King Solomon, it was pure common sense. Six Games into the season, Kubiak not only hasn’t changed, hasn’t made that mental paradigm shift he’s dug his heels in. Next week Houston travels to face off an unbeaten team. I’d put my next paycheck KC rolls into week 8 with that record unblemished.

If the talent on the Texans was sub par, under-performing that would be one thing. It isn’t. The team is stocked from top to bottom with heart, drive, dedication and talent. Unfortunately the man in charge seems to not be able to look in the mirror. It’s time to end the Kubiak era. Oh, and Joe Marciano needs to retire, go fishing.

Who to replace Gary Kubiak? At this point it really doesn’t matter, hell Mr. McNair give me a holler I’ll guarantee you better results. Back to reality, how about enticing one of the weekend analyst who have some Lombardi memorabilia to get back on the sidelines and get the job done? I promise you one thing, at the end of the season, trying to get long term deals with likes of JJ Watt and anyone else who is coming up on free agency is going to be nearly impossible if Gary Kubiak still has his job. He’s not a bad coach, he’s just inflexible, it’s finally caught up with him and it’s time for Houston to start bending a little.

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PS to any “fans” out there that harass players outside of booing at the stadium… get a life.   Leave them alone, leave their homes alone, leave their families out of it.  Stay Classy, don’t be jerks.