Game watching with the Official San Antonio Texans Fan Club!


Greetings Texans Fans,

I spent Sunday night, while yes less then happy at the performance of the Texans which I will get to in my next thread, with the local San Antonio Official Houston Texans Fan Club as we all watched the game, hooted, hollered and consoled each other in what was an otherwise great night out.  If you’re in the San Antonio area, these folks put on a good gig, started by the founder Mike in 2002 as more of a group of people hanging out at a Buffalo Wild Wings watching the Texans inaugural year. As the season progressed Mike noticed more and more Texans fans showing up and one thing lead to another so he started an informal “Fan Club”.  This gathering of Battle Red faithful grew over time until in 2008 after reaching out to the Texans, Mike was able to charter the fan club as an official part of the Texans family as it were. Local Sports Radio 1250 AM ESPN with Ari Temkin started showing up at the gatherings and it all really started to take off. The Texans provide swag given away every game night such as Jersey’s, T-Shirts and autographed paraphernalia. There is no sign up cost, no membership fees. Just hit their Facebook page, let em know you’re coming and sport your favorite Texans gear to be a part of the fun. Cheering (and jeering) are of course optional , personally I had a blast with the gang.

I’d like to share a little story of just how aces this group is. I was delayed in arrival due to a rather unfortunate event involving a lost wallet. Had been out at the park near us playing catch with my son and I guess it fell out of the door of the car at some point. I realized this halfway to the shindig, and returned to the park to find some nice folks had found my wallet and returned. Needless to say, I was late thus didn’t get a raffle ticket. That’s how they parse out the goods from the Texans to keep it fair. At half time the raffle was held, I noted I hadn’t a raffle ticket to my friend that came with me, when my new good friend Rick offered me one of his. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so, ticket in hand I waited to see if luck was on my side.

It was indeed, I scored a “We are Texans” T-shirt! Nice stuff, Rick was happy for me. I kinda felt bad till the end of the Raffle, Rick landed a signed Andre Johnson football! Karma to the rescue. Honestly, had the tickets been reversed I would have traded him for the T-shirt, but that should give ya’ll an idea what sort of good people show up at the events.  So hit up their Facebook and come on down to the next Texans Game Watching Party! Times and locations will be posted there for all to see. If you have a local Fan club, let us know about it! Email me, or post a comment!

I’m in the back left, hiding, you can see my lucky hat though!  Mike is the big guy in the red hat in the middle and my buddy Rick is holding his football!  Ari Temkin is right in the middle with a white shirt on.