Losing to Seattle was the best thing to happen this season for the Texans


Aug 25, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak coaches against the New Orleans Saints before the game at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

This week has been emotional for players, fans and coaches. Small children were also affected as their parents and siblings were in shocked disbelief watching the Houston Texans hand the Seattle Seahawks victory.

The hate towards Matt Schaub has been greatly misplaced.

Yes, yes, I know I called for benching him, but bench him to inspire, to drive him to greatness, not because he’s a bad quarterback, he’s OUR quarterback and I firmly believe he can lead Houston to victory.

However… victory is reserved for the bold and the daring. This is why we embrace champions, because they inspire us. Football is just a sport, we all appreciate good sportsmanship, but this also not your kids Pee Wee league either.

Last year, for 12 games, Houston rode a “get the lead and control the clock” mentality. That was good enough for an 11-1 record. But the Kubiak code was cracked. Now, when the Texans play for manageable third-and-short scenarios, they lose. And they lose badly, because other teams see it coming. Opponents know what Houston is going to do and how to beat them.

These last four games, are all on Kubiak. The Defense is doing it’s job and frankly so has the offense when they have been allowed to do theirs.

In the season opening overtime win at San Diego, Schaub was frankly amazing. In the second quarter against the Seahawks, he was on fire.

His greatest fail this season was the pick-six with three minutes to go. It was a bad, bad throw trying to force something not there. However, the Seahawks were waiting for it. They saw it coming. They were ready for it. They were ready for pretty much everything the Texans did after the half, because the Texans went into “protect the lead” mode.

The players called a meeting this week, without the coaches, and that is a good thing. The team lost badly in OT to a team that frankly they should have beaten. In the end, I’m glad they lost and lost as they did, because it got the team fired up.

The loss got the players passionate. I will be willing to bet money that come the San Francisco game on Sunday night, if Houston gets the lead, they won’t manage the clock. They’ll keep swinging for the fences. Here’s hoping Kubiak get’s that a paradigm shift is needed, I think the players got it.

Kubiak owns the success or fail of this season, can he make the change or does Houston need a change at the top?

In Schaub we trust; players, coaches and yes, fans we need to get behind him too.